Fundamentals of Nursing Class

From the point of view regarding the idea of the field of area fundamental nursing, it is imperative and more of a consideration of relevance. The studies constitute a kind of indispensable framework to conceptual understanding of the origin, scope and change crisis and evolution of nursing. Therefore, there are still studies on educational proposals fundamental nursing; research and conceptual or experimental revisions of basic nursing care; theoretical treatises and practice on the art of nurse; and the discursive elaborations of epistemological intention concerning nursing knowledge.

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Student can understand that the representations that customers make on their body in nursing care depend on how integrate their knowledge is in this regard. The information circulating in their day-to-day experiences and values ​​ behold as appropriating a certain aspect of reality. This allows the understanding of individual and social affiliation representation that leads us to think that customers who share the same social reality (being sick and hospitalized), inserted in the same social group belonging, think together on the same subject, which is: nursing care. So, student should understand nursing care from their own customer experience, enhancing their needs and desires, set up for them, as a condition to think about the care it are fundamental nursing.

Self-care is emerged as a condition of possibility for the recon quest, by the customer’s dominion over you. It can be considered as fundamental for the inclusion and participation of the customer in the care process, student must share in order to maintain customer citizenship.

From the customer perspective, student must consider that the care is fundamental to organize on a tripod that encompasses physical-biological dimension: care to treat / heal / rehabilitate the body / subject; the social dimension: care to maintain social identity and guarantees the “status” of body / subject of the citizen; and the subjective dimension: care of emotion that value human body. Moreover, as the reason it is essential for the scientific care, sensitivity is fundamental to the art of caring, because without sensitivity, we lose the possibility of promoting the meeting from person to person, heart to heart ” which become purely technics and away in the true essence of nursing and care to humans.

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In educational programs, the basic practices and principles of nursing for nurses are being taught. It has also a course on the fundamental of nursing in the first semester of the program where the student attends the classes and provides care to the chosen patients. The fundamental nursing essay also gives an importance to the fundamental needs of humans including their skills or competence as perquisites with the intention to provide them comprehensive nursing care.