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A thesis must first meet as a rule, the following main objective: identify a relevant scientific problem which is still subject to investigate the topic deeply. Then, you need to fulfill another goal: to solve the problem defined as a starting point research. When you find the solution to the original problem, then you need to define as a basic work of the research, we can say that you will fulfill the main objective of a Ph.D. thesis.

To compose a Ph.D. proposition, it is vital to monitor related work in the research. This incorporates student to know all the pertinent studies, results, actualities, thoughts, thus, on in the research. Before the end of the writing survey, the understudy will read or if nothing else experiences several books and papers. They ought to be a virtuoso to recollect each intriguing truth and thought of having perused in a paper with no software. Before PCs, researchers could just depend on record cards, highlighter pens, lists, and so forth. With PCs and, particularly mind mapping programming, new potential outcomes have risen.

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It is expected that a Ph.D. thesis is a valid contribution to a particular field of knowledge. All the Ph.D. dissertations have their own philosophy of monitoring research, but there are some general principles that are internationally recognized in any scientific field. The Ph.D. degree demonstrates the realization of an innovative and original assignment to the progress of knowledge, a high cultural level in a specific area of knowledge and the ability to conduct independent scientific work. The differences are, therefore, of a formal nature and content: is expected to one dissertation that is a shorter work than a Ph.D. thesis. This requires greater depth research, with the editor to know all the available literature on the subject matter, be able to apply and to introduce new elements in the reporting scientific field.

The thesis is the first important document that is required for the Ph.D. student. It should start by reading some plans that were presented previously in programs Ph.D. in the same scientific field. In principle, the thesis advisor can facilitate access to the document, which can help form an idea about the best way to formally present the thesis plan. We must distinguish the work plan, a specific document which clears the thesis content and draws up, the task plan, planning of all work research.

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