Tips to Write Chapter 1 of Your Essay Help Proposal for Fast Approval – Part 1

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Tips to Write Chapter 1 of Your Essay Help Proposal for Fast Approval – Part 1

Chapter 1 of your Essay proposal contains many sections that convey specific information. Here is an overview of the types of sections and the information that usually appears in those sections of an Essay Help proposal. What follows in this post is a description of each section one by one, including the background to the problem and statement of the problem. Our Best Essay Help UK experts have compiled this mini guide to help you write your Essays proposal for fast approval.


Chapter 1 of your Essay Help proposal for the social and behavioral sciences elucidates the major elements of the research topic and to some extent, the design. Since it requires that the students have a clear picture of the overall research approach, it can be one of the hardest chapters in the proposal to complete. This chapter requires the Essays student to be able to focus:

  • The reader on the problem at hand
  • It’s relevance to society or the academic world
  • The goal of the research endeavor
  • The background
  • The methodological framework

When finished with Chapter 1 of your Essay proposal, the student should have a very clear idea where he/she is headed.

There are many different introductory sections that are often included in Chapter 1. Not all universities or departments will require the following sections, but as this hopes to be an inclusive description, any given section should be found in the following pages. The most common sections are provided first, in the order, they are typically presented in the essays. Again, however, university departments are unique, not to mention advisors, so the order in which sections are presented here may differ slightly compared to any given sequence requirements. Finally, it should be emphasised and this description covers social-science-based essays, not essays written in the humanities. In this instalment, the background of the problem and the problem statement are described.

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