Tips to Write Chapter 1 of Your Essay Help Proposal for Fast Approval – Part 3

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Tips to Write Chapter 1 of Your Essay Help Proposal for Fast Approval – Part 3

We hope you are still with us in this 3-part article about writing chapter 1 of dissection proposal. If you have reached this part directly, you can read the part 1 here and the part 2 here.

Let’s start the conclusion part of this article.

The Purpose Statement

The purpose statement, also referred to on occasion as the statement of purpose, indicates the primary goal of the research, and it is the most important statement in the study. While the purpose statement may be a paragraph or two, the heart of the purpose statement is encompassed by one or two declarative sentences that explicitly state the goal of the study. To that end, the purpose will be signalled by words such as, purpose, objective, goal, and intent, and explained with the aid of words appropriate to the method of research. For qualitative research, the purpose will described by words that indicate qualitative research’s more provisional method of inquiry such as explore, discover, understand, and describe. For quantitative-based research, the purpose is signaled by words and phrases such as compare, test, examine the relationship between X and Y, being variables of the study.

The Significance of the Study

This section answers the following questions:

  • What will be the benefits of the research?
  • Who will benefit from the research?

Answering both questions involves discussing the potential or real knowledge gained from the study and the practical application of the knowledge in real-world settings. Research should add to the field of study. The additional knowledge is a benefit to those studying related matters to the research topic. The Essays writer should spell out in detail this new knowledge and how it adds to or fills a gap in previous research.

Additionally, the section explains the agents who will benefit from the research. If, for example, the research explores the impact of support groups for older populations with diabetes, then the section would explain how the findings of the Essays might positively impact older populations with diabetes. How might counselors, nurses and doctors use findings to better serve their clients? After reading the Significance of the Study, the reader should walk away with an understanding of the usefulness of the study both in practical and academic terms.

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