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Students in high schools, colleges and universities are assigned essay writing tasks repeatedly, and compare and contrast essay is one of them. If the students study variables meticulously, they can complete their compare and contrast essay writing task quite easily.

A compare and contrast essay asks the students to observe the similarities and differences between two sets of variables, which can be events, theories, individuals, things and the like.

When you are in the process of choosing your comparison and contrast essay paper writing topic, answer the following questions:

  • Who is your target reader?
  • What is the objective of your essay?

Once you have answered the above questions, pay some time to brainstorm the ideas and jot them down to prepare the outline.

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Compare & Contrast Essay Writing Tips

The following tips will help you write the best compare and contrast essay, bound to get you A+ grade:

  • Determine the similarities and differences to focus in your compare and contrast essay to organise your essay around them. This way, you can express your ideas more efficiently that will be compared and contrasted, and link your readers.
  • List as many similarities as you can find out. The order of similarities must be the same all through the essay paragraphs to avoid confusion to the readers.
  • When you start a new para, talk about the differences between the two sets using appropriate discourse markers, followed by a para with a focus on similarities.
  • In the concluding para, write the summary of the similarities and differences discussed in the body between the two chosen sets.
  • When you have finished writing, proofread and edit your compare and contrast essay to ensure your paper is free of all errors.

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