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A critical essay is written to assess the topic in question, in which the writer throws light at the subject thoroughly. It could be written in a positive, negative or a mixed tone. A critical analysis essay must reflects writer’s own opinion about the topic in question.

At your school, you can be asked to write critical essays on the pertinent contents of you study programmer. It could be on:

  • Books
  • Poems
  • Films & Dramas
  • Theories
  • Authors
  • Events
  • Literary Works
  • Issues
  • Policies
  • Culture

There are many other topics that can be used to write critical analysis papers. It exposes the meaning and purpose of the topic, where the writer can cite particular sections as well. Critical essay writing requires practice, experience and an eye for keen observation to reflect one’s thoughts.

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Important Points about Critical Essay Writing

Critical essay writing has viewpoints of the writer. For quality work, the writer must have strong grip on the topic and meticulous observation to make it an effective piece of writing. It includes assessment of the writer with facts, accuracy, and relevance.

Its core focus remains on the study of the literature and valid opinions of the writer rather than emotions and feelings. In this type of writing, all the judgments made about the work are supposed to be supported by verifiable evidences.

Use arguments and evidence to make your work credible and persuasive. You have to be specific about the analysis you make on the literature being analysed. As a student, you have to be credible and appropriate in your writing, so that your teacher can award you A+ grade without a hesitation.

Critical Essay Topics

Here we have compiled a small list of integrating critical essay titles to help you ease your process of critical essay topic search:

  • Impact of video gaming in kids
  • Critical analysis on a Shakespeare’s play with a focus on irony
  • Study a poem written with first person viewpoint such as “My Last Duchess”
  • Examine a movie based on entrepreneurs
  • Choose a famous novel you read, and make a comparative analysis on its film
  • Discuss a social issue which is taking forever for resolution
  • Discuss one or more policies enforced in your state but are ineffective so far. Suggest a few solutions how those policies could be effective
  • The efficacy of the UK’s economic system (Change the country name as you require)
  • Asses the role and impact of social media in our society
  • The value and impact of green campaigns against Global Warming

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