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An English essay paper is a personal opinion on a specific topic. It contains arguments for or against the topic in question and the English essay ends with a conclusion of writer’s own point of view or solutions. English essay writing is used by teachers to assess the students’ knowledge on subjects of English language and literature. Here our experts will help you write English essays like a pro, so that you can score big time in your academia tasks.

Grammar & Spelling Errors

  • Right or Write
  • There or Their’
  • Your or You’re
  • Affect or Effect’
  • It’s or Its
  • Since or For
  • Fewer or Less
  • Then or Than
  • Lose or Loose
  • Whose or Who’s

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English language is chockfull of such complicated spelling and grammatical concerns. Remember: Correct usage of spelling and grammar are the cornerstones of good English essay paper writing. To get good grade in your papers, it is crucial that you learn the proper rules of spelling and grammar. Many students write English essays brilliantly, yet they receive low grades and it is all because of spelling and grammar mistakes.

The most common errors students make pertain to the following aspects:

  • Vague Pronoun Reference
  • Punctuation
  • Run-on Sentences
  • Apostrophes
  • Capitalization
  • Sentence Fragments
  • Wrong Word Usage
  • Subject-verb Agreement

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How to Improve English Spelling and Grammar Rules?

You can take the following steps to avoid making spelling and grammar errors in you English essay writing:

  • Get a good grammar book, and study it on daily basis. It is advisable if you can have a partner, especially senior to you
  • Go through quality reading like newspapers and magazines
  • Dedicate extra time to study spelling and grammar rules that seem more difficult

Within a few weeks, you will learn the rules which will serve you a lifetime in your English essay paper writing.

How to Write an English Essay?

When you begin writing your English essay paper, prepare its outline first. It is vital that you pre-plan and jot down the ideas on a paper you have in your mind. This way you can help yourself organise your ideas, which will lead you to make a proper structure and flow of your work; as a result, you will be able to write a coherent paper. Even if you’re pressed for time, never ignore this step. When you have structured your ideas, they will be easy to reflect with the knowledge you have on the topic in question. Otherwise, the safer decision is to hire one of the best online UK English essay writing services for quick help at affordable price.

Example English Essay Topics

Here we give you a few sample English essay titles:

  • Critical report on your favourite novel
  • Shakespeare’s technique to engage audience in Macbeth with reference to the quotes
  • Discuss the brave attitude of kids in Little Women and Treasure Island
  • Select a novel of your choice and discuss main character’s transformation
  • Romantic movies and their impact on relationships in real life
  • Role of media in propagating body image issues among young women

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